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Archive for April 2016

Why an ecommerce website needs to be fast to load and tips to do so

The page loading time for any website needs to be as low as possible. However, when it comes to ecommerce websites the speed issue is of more significance. The user experience has a lot to do with the loading time of the website. A website may have all the fancy features and good tricks to keep the visitor engaged. However, if the website is slow the fancy feature will fail to appeal to the visitor. The statistics clearly show that the average user will not spend more than ~3 minutes on a slow website. In addition to which a slow website means you are worse off at the Google search [...]    Read More

Do iOS apps still have the upper edge over Android Apps ?

  Historically iOS apps have been better than the Android ones. The Android apps have been playing catch up since quite a while, at the same time the Apple devices already had an operating system that was feature rich hence the apps were full with feature too. This not the case now since there are a great many devices that do support the Android Operating system and as a mobile OS, the Android Operating System is now also packed with great many features. Here are a few facts and information about the two major mobile operating systems that still hold true. How iOS apps and Android apps [...]    Read More