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Archive for March 2016

iPhone App Development Tips

For us enthusiasts who always wonder how an iPhone App is developed there is never a dull day trying to figure out new techniques and discover new methods. However, an iPhone App is quite different from a Website in terms of development and the way it can be studied. A website offers more flexibility and is easier to understand, but it is not the same for the iPhone app. Thus for many professionals and enthusiast and even businesses who wonder how an iPhone App is developed and how their smart ideas can be converted into smart apps, here are a tips to help you get started. Making use of [...]    Read More

What does it take to develop an iOS App?

Software development in general is considered to be hard and tedious. The general impression being that it takes an in-depth knowledge of the programming concepts as well as programming skills and the knowledge of the programming language to develop a software. The same applies to mobile applications as well. It is true to some extent. Developing native mobile applications or software applications for a computer does require a great deal of knowledge regarding the basic concepts of software development. However, it is also true that there are several alternative methods to develop mobile [...]    Read More