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Archive for February 2016

How implementing micro interactions in your mobile app design can make a big difference

The app you have designed may be amazing with a good design and good story. But at times that is not enough since the way in which we access our information has now changed. More number of people now use their mobile devices to access the Internet than before. In fact this year (2015) was the year where the total number of mobile users using the Internet crossed that those using Internet from PC thus making the mobile platform the hot favourite when it comes to accessing the Internet. Micro-Interactions is the optimal solution: Every recipe has a secret ingredient; It is safe to apply the [...]    Read More

Why use Angular JS?

Angular JS is a framework that is mainly used for dynamic web applications. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks this does not depend on external libraries; however, it is possible to extend functionality via third party libraries. The advantages of using Angular JS being that it reduces the code one needs to write by a big margin while allowing to extend the HTML’s syntax. Angular JS is often related to creating special purpose, one page apps. The fact of the matter is that you can use Angular JS to build just about any kind of app. There are several features that make this very appealing [...]    Read More