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Archive for February 2016

How An App Is Created And What Are The Latest App Development Software?

The digital gaming industry has always been very big. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the demand for mobile games has increased many fold. Thus, it is little surprise that there are now a large number of mobile gaming apps available both, on the Android’s Google Play store as well as the Apple Store. The process in brief: There are a few main processes that define the Android and iPhone Application Development Services of creating a mobile game. This is explained in brief here. The Game Concept: A game is something that entertains everyone. The games are often developed by the [...]    Read More

An introduction to Mobile Game Development

Mobile gaming platform is now a popular and advanced as the classic computer games development and it is also equally complicated. A typical mobile game is likely to have high complexity and require the programmers and graphics designers to put in long hours to do so. A typical development team would be as below: Game Screen writer Lead Programmer Programmer Designer 3D Designer Animator Tester Stages of mobile game development: The development any game no matter how simple does require a definite method and direction. That said an average mobile game with a few levels or a small [...]    Read More

Introduction to Mobile app testing and why it is important

When it comes to mobile testing it is a good idea to never take anything for granted. The mobile platform is very different from the traditional desktop one. One of the major challenges is the fact that the mobile is used while on the go hence there are many additional factors that need to be taken into consideration. Besides which there are many different types of mobile with different operating systems all capable of running your application. Hence testing a mobile app is a greater challenge than testing a desktop application or a website for that matter which requires a greater level [...]    Read More

A brief guide to Phone Gap Application Development

This is truly the digital age now that there are more mobile devices and the fact that there are more mobile Internet users than Internet users from any other platform also says a lot. This has resulted in more number of businesses shifting focus on to their mobile application and making sure it is up to standard. From having a presence on the mobile platform for small to large businesses to having a full-fledged e-store mobile app for eCommerce sites; everyone is making sure they are mobile. This has also resulted in an increase in the number of mobile application development companies. [...]    Read More

The value and benefits of Customer Feedback for iPhone App Development

A lot of effort goes into the development of a mobile application. This involves designing the mobile application as well establishing a marketing strategy. Hence it requires the effort of a software developer as well strategists who are aware of the behaviour of the targeted audience. It is important to develop a good quality application. However, it is important not concentrate all the effort on development and marketing. It is surprising how much can be learned from a simple feedback form. Giving the opportunity to a customer to provide feedback in the form of submitting a form with a [...]    Read More