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Archive for January 2016

Pros and cons of Web designers and developers working together

When it comes to the development of a website in most cases there will be a development team working on project and not an individual designer or developer. For a large number of websites it likely to a web designer and a web developer doing most of the work. In addition to which depending on the requirements of the client there may even be additional members on the team for graphic design and content writing. The most intuitive method for a team to work on a website would be to do it together. However it is not correct to take this for granted since this is often not the case. It often [...]    Read More

Time Perception and it’s influence on web design

Time plays a crucial role in every aspect of our life and to be able to control or use it to our advantage would make a world of difference. Although this is a subject that is hard to put into words and it is more of something that once you experience you realise an effort has been made here to describe a new perception. Timing makes all the difference from when the visitor load the page and waits for it to load to the time it take to perform the search function on the website. The users these days do not have a lot of patience and hence the websites do not have an option but to keep up [...]    Read More

Is the world of website design saturated or is there more to expect in 2016?

There are a lot of businesses who already have their websites and are contemplating whether they need to update them or not. Some businesses may have their websites developed more than 5 years ago while some with-in the last 2 years. Then there are also the businesses who have still to venture into the world of the Internet where everything is connected. Either way a lot has changed since you last read an article about the new Internet and how effective it is. It has changed for the better with more number of people now staying connected via the Internet and more number of people [...]    Read More