What is angular JS? What does it mean for web development?

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Posts: January 2016

What is angular JS? What does it mean for web development?

There are several methods in which the HTML can be enhanced using JavaScript. Some of the more popular methods doing so are: Ember.js: This is an open source JavaScript framework. Backbone.js: A JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface. Angular.js: Agular JS has several very compelling features that can enhance…[...]

The evolving nature of mobile gaming as it gains more acceptance

When we talk about mobile gaming and how it is changing in nature, the first thing that comes to the mind advances in technology making the big waves. Although that may be true to some extent with the release of devices such as the Oculus Rift and the several other…[...]

Essential SEO tips for Web Developer

For just about any business developing their website, one of the most important factors when selecting a web development firm is to verify the technical abilities of the firm and the amount of resources that the firm can devote to them. However it is also essential to make sure the…[...]

Website design – Case Study

The World Wide Web has changed forever since more number of businesses choose the online website route to make their business available to the Internet Users. There has a massive leap in the number of Internet users recently. At the same time the number of Mobile Internet users have risen…[...]

Top 10 key points why you should hire alakmalak for web design development