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Archive for December 2015

iOS App Design and how it has changed over the years

Like every other device the iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, etc have also improved over the years. Although the first iPhone was released 2007 and they wisely did not try to pack a great deal of new features into the new device. Instead of this they spent a great deal of effort in getting the basic and core features and experience of the user right. The result was that they developed a device that had a new operating system at the core, the iOS. This had several good features like multi-touch gestures, mobile safari, visual voice mail and even itunes and maps. At this point time of time [...]    Read More

How adding a payment gateway to your website is easier that you imagined

Ecommerce is gaining in popularity all around the world. With more number of existing shops and stores opting to provide their customers the ease of online shopping, the world of online shopping is really heating up. The eCommerce giants continue to attract more customer through their various advertising campaigns as a result of which there are now a very high number people who prefer to shop online. In addition to which this is a trend that is being seen all over the world and amongst people of all age groups and genders. eCommerce Statistics: 71% of the customers have their minds made [...]    Read More