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Archive for December 2015

What it takes to develop a Mobile Game – A general overview

Mobile gaming development is similar to gaming development on other platforms, in the sense it takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail. For a mobile App developer, it is not sufficient to simply have general knowledge about game development since there is more to mobile games development that simply knowing how to write a program. Tips on mobile games development solutions: The initial planning stage for any game development should consist of developing the main storyline. There are several types of games like FPS (first person shooter), Strategy, Crime, Puzzle, etc. Each type [...]    Read More

Mobiles games development using the Google Cloud Platform

The mobile gaming industry is all set to grow further next year (2016). This sector been in the news since a while due to rapid growth and evolution too. Mobile games development has witnessed great advancement in terms of the technology being used as well as in the way in which the games are being marketed. To give a rough idea of the significance and popularity of mobile gaming here is one example. The spending on games for mobile platforms like Apple and Android exceeded that of other dedicated platforms for handheld games in 2012. Since then there has been no turning back. Here are [...]    Read More

State of Mobile game development

The mobile game development industry is in a boom with several companies offering such services. In fact there are mobile application development in India on the whole is getting a lot of attention in India with more number of companies offering such services. Here are a few figures and statistics that will reveal how much and how fast this industry is growing. The value of the gaming market in 2012 was estimated to be approximately $7.8 billion. According to the current data and trends the estimated value of the mobile game market for the year 2016 will be a whopping $18.3 billion. There [...]    Read More

Cost of mobile application development

Mobile application development (like android application development) is on the rise with mobile apps being in high demand. Just about everything that you can imagine has an app for it. There are mobiles apps available for just about every feature and service and information. There are a large number of smartphones with more number of consumers now buying them. In addition to which a greater percentage of the mobile phone users are now using the internet on their mobile phones to run their mobiles apps or directly access the internet via their mobile browsers. A large number of app used [...]    Read More

Capitalizing on Video adverts within Mobile Games

Developing a great mobile game is one this and managing or marketing it is another. There are quite a few able and popular mobile game developers around who have the resources to develop fabulous games. Once created, there are several methods to publish the game; it can be done by making it available in the App market as a paid game or as a free one. Additionally, by making it available as a free one, it is still possible to capitalize financially by placing adverts at strategic sections of the game. When it comes to placing adverts there are several options. Video adverts are usually [...]    Read More