Mobile Development – Gaining in popularity in several educational fields

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Posts: November 2015

Mobile Development – Gaining in popularity in several educational fields

Mobile Development is rapidly gaining in popularity in the academic world. Considering that there are a high number of mobile users, the increased interest in mobile development in the IT field is quite understandable. However the academic records have a different story to tell. The mobile apps development boom has…[...]

What is a CRM and how can a website integrated with a CRM benefit your business?

One of the most important elements of any business is the customer. The business community is well aware of the significance of attracting more customers and maintaining the existing ones. Hence several businesses implement professional tools and use professional practices to maintain a list of their customers, potential customers and…[...]

What is an API and how can it be useful for your business?

An API or an Application Programming Interface as the name suggests is to do with computer programming. An API is highly technical and used only by well experienced programmers to develop their interface. It is usually a small section that fits into their big project. An API will general provide…[...]

Why attend a web design conference?

A web design conference is one of the best ways get an insight into the hip and happening in the world of website design or website development in general. It is also a good opportunity to stop and take a break from the daily routine web design and development work…[...]

Understanding Color Psychology in Web Design

The color psychology is more important than you can imagine and is used to a great extent when designing as website. Although it is true that the choice of colors is more dependent on the person than a general rule, there are certain norms that if followed can lead you…[...]