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Posts: October 2015

Know whom to contact for the appropriate web development task at hand

It has become increasingly important for every business to have a website of their own however it often happens that the small and medium scale businesses do not have an IT expert or may be no IT department at all. Since not everyone is tech savvy, they are at a…[...]

The basic principles of UX Design

UX Design has a broad meaning and is essentially User Experience Design or Interaction Design and User Interface design. This is mainly centered on the design preferences of the organizations however they are developed keeping in mind the user and as to how the user will react and be influenced…[...]

Where does Web Design stand against UX Design?

User experience design (UXD or UX Design) is actually process of improving the use satisfaction. This is mainly done by improving the usability, accessibility and overall browsing experience when visiting the website or a webpage. This is the process of incorporating the traditional website design often referred to as human…[...]

Catching up with the changing face of Web Development as 2016 come closer

The web development tricks and techniques change regularly with many new techniques, software and styles being added regularly. Besides which there are several factors that affect the direction in which the future web development will be focused on. With so many changes and developments happening on a daily basis one…[...]

Tips to create the perfect WordPress theme

Preparing a theme for a open source software like WordPress or Zen Cart or Magento is similar to making a layout or template for website. The aim for both is the same which is to create the website design however when it comes to creating it for a open source…[...]