The pros and cons of opting for a website design with infinite scrolling

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Posts: September 2015

The pros and cons of opting for a website design with infinite scrolling

Web design techniques have evolved a lot over the years. There are some design techniques that have taken a complete 'U-turn' from their stance a few years ago. The first page or home page of a website as many call it has gone through a great number of design changes…[...]

Significance of web credibility assessment

The Internet has two good properties, there is a lot of content about several topics on the Internet and it is also easy to access the Internet. This is even more true since now there are more users on the Internet that are using their mobile devices. This coupled with…[...]

The concept of invisible design

A website that is well designed tends to be accepted by a larger number of people although it does also need to have the appropriate functionality to support it. Thus the obvious question in the minds of many is what constitutes as a good design. A good design is that…[...]

The importance of testing prior to release of a Website

In general it is a good idea to test just about everything prior to release; no matter what the item or service that is being offered. Since there are other users or visitors involved it is necessary to uphold a certain level of quality at all times. Making sure the…[...]