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Archive for August 2015

Expert techniques for web credibility assessment

Almost every business owner must be familiar with the benefits of having a website for their business by now. As we enter the second half of the year 2015 and come closer to the year 2016 there are also those who may be wondering about the fate of the World Wide Web. The main concern of any business owner is failed investment. However a quick look the statistical data of recent times will quickly satisfy most of the business owners: The worldwide Internet penetration has gone up from 6.7% in 2000 to 40.4% in 2014. The number of mobile internet users have leaped ahead of those from any [...]    Read More

How will releasing of Windows 10 give positive effects to your business online?

Modern technology has made it almost impossible to run a business without it, especially computers & Internet. Perhaps this reliance is the motivation why the # of Internet users has increased enormously from just 0.36 billion in the year of 2000 to 3.08 Billion in the year of 2015 which is almost 42% of the world population. Not only the speed of working and accuracy but also the reach of a business is expanded as well. The unremitting growths in the operating systems have made things even easier. The most up-to-date development in this regard is the release of Windows 10 by [...]    Read More

A Different Approach To an Effective Web Design – an alternative perspective

An effective web design must focus on one motive, and that is, building good audiences. If you think that creating a website is merely a design work, then you are so wrong. Only a prominent website design company knows that website designing requires more than designing. The design of your page is a product for the audiences who visit the site, because factually the first page of the site determines the good revenue. This blog will give an idea of effective website design: Call To Action and visual hierarchy: A website designer must have an idea of the mechanisms that would make a recipe [...]    Read More

Has The Rise of Mobile Device racked Up The Website Design?

The rise of mobile devices and the technologies incorporated into them has certainly taken the cake. People now do not have to turn on their PC or laptops and run the internet to check for the specific website. So does that mean mobile devices have racked up the website design, or we are still unaware of the importance of building websites? Well, this blog will help you out in figuring this. Let us understand the significance of a website over mobile application. A good navigation on your website can build or break business reputation. That manner in which the complexity of navigation is [...]    Read More

How to assess the true quality of a website

The website explosion began in the 90s where we witnessed a large number of communities developed where one could simply register and create their website. This attracted more hobbyist at time with people developing fan pages for their favorite music group or other hobby like space exploration, photography ,etc. One such community was ‘Geo cities’. The websites being developed here were very diverse with no set trend or format. Some barely used any graphics and images and others made use of excessive graphics and 3D art. But then all rapidly changed and websites with a set [...]    Read More