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Archive for May 2015

Making design tweaks to bring your website as par with the 2015 web design trends

Web design trends change very often. In general one finds that the fancy designs and elements included in your website are nowhere be found in the websites developed the following year. Although it may be a good idea to redesign you website over a period of time. But that to depends on the nature of your website and the level of technology changes over the time. Hence there are likely to be several website (business) owners around the world who now prefer that new features and design elements in the current time be included on their website. At the same they would also like to remove [...]    Read More

Online Marketing Metrics that make a difference

When it comes to digital marketing services, online marketing plays a big role in driving the marketing strategy. Here are some of the marketing terms you may be familiar with: PPC Marketing SEO / Content marketing Social Media Marketing These are simply few of the Internet marketing channels, whoever what most digital marketing executives desire is what marketing matrices really matter. It is one thing to have innovative marketing strategies that suit you business and those which are in keeping current trends and it is another thing all together to figure out what really matters. [...]    Read More

Being successful in the highly competitive ecommerce industry

The ecommerce industry was in its early stages in the year 2000. This was a time when almost no one shopped on the Internet. It some did purchase anything online it would be because they were from an IT background. But the state of a market began to change slowly. By the year 2003 the ecommerce market was truly on its way in several countries like USA and China. It is currently 2015 and one can now safely say that the ecommerce industry is here to stay. There is only one direction this marketing is going to go and that is up. Here are few statistics that support that claim: The number of [...]    Read More

Being successful with an ecommerce business by eliminating the factors that most customers detest

There was a time when e-Commerce website were a novel thing and very few companies truly believed in them. However in a span of 10 years the outlook or websites and e-Commerce websites to be more specific has completely changed. The statistics collected from several sources on the Internet provide all the proof that is required. As per these statistics the direction in which the world commerce is headed is quite clear. The statistics clearly show that the number of people accessing the Internet are on a rise. And there are more number of mobile Internet users than others. Besides which [...]    Read More

Pricing strategies of the Website Design

When it comes to website design or web development for that matter it is not unusually to find a very big difference in how different companies go about charging. The reason for this big difference can range from the size of the company to the finer details of the package selected. In either case the price of the web development or web design service has a big influence on whether or not a potential client picks your firm. Hence it is necessary to price the services right. There are many ways in how you can come to the decision about the pricing structure, either for yourself as a web [...]    Read More