A list of reasons why a website is not ranking good

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Posts: April 2015

A list of reasons why a website is not ranking good

A website can have bad ranking for several reasons and to make it more complicated Google also updates their search engine algorithm every often. Thus, with so many factors to consider it can become quite hard to figure what is hurting your website when it comes to the ranking despite…[...]

Being found easily and making the most of it

A search engine friendly website is a website which that follows all the rules that a search engine has laid out. This rules can be pertaining to the design, development, programming or even content. At times this is misleading since at the time of the development the website is not…[...]

Web Design – Knowing what it means

Web Design is not a very hard task and hence many people try to test their creativity at doing this. Web Designing is easier if you have the skills of several designing tools like a graphics editor as well as technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But many time it…[...]

Website Development – The Basics and doing it yourself

Website Development today is not what it used to be anymore; it has changed a lot after the year 2000 and continues to change and evolve. In the earlier days a website was more about the content with more importance being given to the content and how it is presented.…[...]

Securing the ‘Passwords’ with correct programming code

All of us are aware that a website needs to be as secure as possible to prevent hackers from being able to access it. Hence it makes to leave no back doors in our programming code while developing the website. The user authentication is the big front that we expect…[...]