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Archive for April 2015

How Link Building Has Changed from what it was before 2010

As a software developer working on mainly desktop applications in Australia, 2000 was the year that witnessed many recruitment’s in the IT field and most of them were due to the Millennium bug scare. Those were the time when desktop applications where more popular than any online service or software on the Internet. It was around this time that I attended an exhibition event that was arranged in Melbourne, Australia. The topic was “Microsoft ASP” and it highlighted all things about the Internet and also mentioned the concept of free software and per transaction charges. It was clear [...]    Read More

Digital Marketing and Social Media in general

I have made a shot list to give you a brief overview of what Digital Marketing includes (this is not the complete list): Link Building Ringtones for call back or hold eBooks Games Optical Disks SMS – Short Message Service MMS – Multimedia Message Service SEO – Search Engine Optimisation SEM – Search Engine Marketing Hence from SEO to television, everything is included under Digital Marketing. That said there have been changes in what services are provided by several Digital Marketing firms. The updates made by Google to the search engine algorithm recently has resulted in stricter rules [...]    Read More

Web Design good practices – Using Mock-ups in the UX design process

Every firm is bound to have some or the other process they follow when designing their website. They may be using a professional approach by using wireframes, mock-ups and prototyping or they may be even have a more freelance approach by getting down to providing the design right away. On the other hand there are also those who do not stick to the rules and stray away from the crowd to do something different. In doing so it is likely that they have even discovered several new and innovative methods of going about the design. Thus though there are several good Web Design practices that [...]    Read More

Animating your website and the Benefits of using CSS animation

When it comes to animation on the Website not many options come close to Flash. Flash was thus being used for animation since a long time. This was true till even 5 years ago; but the factors like compatibility and acceptance slowly began to work against flash till it was finally almost non-existent. The websites designed today with animation will rarely make use of flash. There are several other alternatives like CSS, SMIL and even JavaScript. Thus here is a brief comparison of them. Choosing CSS for animation: CSS is a very good option for animation and is also very efficient and [...]    Read More

Responsive web design vs. adaptive web design

Web design has changed for good says the statistics mentioned below: Mobile Phone penetration worldwide is at 48.9% Mobile share of organic search engine visits in the US alone is 31% Use of mobile devices for product search is at 34% ecommerce over the mobile device in the US alone is at $83.93 billion. [Image Courtesy :] With statistics like these and the fact that this year, 2015 is the year that the number of mobile internet users become higher than the internet users from any other platform; the websites being developed can simply not afford to ignore this trend. [...]    Read More