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Archive for March 2015

What is a Content Management System and why does every business needs one?

A Content Management System software that as the name suggests manages the content. To the visitor it will appear like any plain website however the administrator of a content management system (CMS) website has the ability to manage all the content of the website via a nice interface from the backend. The content will be modifiable using HTML editors in addition to which it may also be possible to modify other sections of the website using the CMS. Why do you need one? A website is a must for just about any business. If you do need convincing about creating a website for your business [...]    Read More

Pros and Cons of a WordPress Website

If you have a business it is a good idea to maintain a blog and WordPress is the perfect choice for the Blog. But that’s not all, WordPress is also a good option for making the entire website, since it is also a very good content management system. The advantages of using WordPress (Pros): Open Source: WordPress is open source software which means many users have the ability to share developing time, and use code that already exists to save time. In addition to which since WordPress is very popular there are already a lot of resources and add-ons available. Simplicity: You do not need to [...]    Read More

What is a website audit and why is it important?

Website audit is useful in several situations; it can come in handy while you are in the process of developing your website and it can also be useful if you want an assessment of your existing website. A website audit can be customized to check every section of the website that you think is important. This isn’t a fixed list of items and though it should be a list of important factors that matter the most. Why is it important perform a website audit? A website has a lot of potential for just about any business. Thus it is important to make sure it keeps ranking in the profits in the case [...]    Read More

Web Design and Typography when designing a responsive website

The design method – Responsive Website Design is now quite popular and it likely that most are already familiar with it. For those who have doubts, Responsive Website Design is about designing websites so that the users have an optimal viewing experience no matter what devices they are using to access the internet. However when it comes to a website, the content also matters. You can have a fancy design with all the bells and whistles but if the content is not up to the mark, it is of little use. Thus when we are thinking of a responsive web design, we also need to think about the website [...]    Read More

Using CSS code smartly to build an efficient and fast website

CSS has reaffirmed its position in the world of Web design. Over the past few years there have been several developments pertaining to CSS that have completely changed our outlook of CSS. The fact of the matter is that it is now possible to create amazing animations and stunning image effects using CSS. This can easily be verified by talking some time to surf the World Wide Web and examine websites that are already doing this. Making use of CSS doesn’t have to be restricted to the experts who have years had years of experience. The reason being that it is not that hard to learn and [...]    Read More