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Archive for February 2015

Website Design – What is more important Beauty or Usability?

This is an age old question that hounds everyone concerned. Or at least I feel it is an old query that just about every website development team often debates after the launch of a successful website. I am only speaking from personal experience of when I used to work as a Web Developer and the Website launch officer. As a website developer I used to be in constant conversation with the web designing team during the length of the project; both working together to make sure we have a good website. Hence once a website was released and successful both the web designer as well myself as the [...]    Read More

The top web design trends of 2015

As the year 2014 comes to an end with so do many web design trends & styles. As well designer one rarely ever takes a conscious effort to stop designing in a certain way. The designs are usually influenced by the client’s options and the functionality requirements, new ideas and current trends in web design industry. However over the years we have seen many different types of websites. Example: There was a time long ago when every website that was build made us of frames. However in present times there is never any mention of using frames on a website. Furthermore frames are [...]    Read More

Brief look at why responsive web design is the best solution for a SEO optimized mobile websites any day

Mobiles and tablets and slowly becoming well integrated into our daily lives. It doesn’t take a lot of research to figure out that many people use their mobile devices for many different things on the internet these days. That said here are a few statistics to hold our claim. The mobile internet penetration in 2013 was 73% and this number is one the rise. There are millions of desktop users and mobile users. However as per the recent statistics, the total number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users this year (2014). Another study was conducted on which device is used to [...]    Read More

The most basic yet essential few SEO tips

With the digital age in real boom there are several big ecommerce giants emerging. These giants have put in a lot of hard work to be get to where they are and it is obvious they will continue to attempt to dominate the when it comes to market share from search engines by maintaining a robust SEO strategy. If you are a fairly smaller company or have ventured new into the world of e-commerce online the first thing that is bound to strike you is the stiff competition. Besides which climbing to the top of the search engine rankings may seem next to impossible at the moment. This is a common [...]    Read More

Designing with a performance constraint

The importance of the first positive impression is often under rated. Nothing makes a bigger impact than the first impression. The web developers india and business owners are aware of this but many of them still get it wrong. There is often some oversight or blemish that they failed to spot which has the potential to ruin the impression of the entire website. These can be design flaws, failure of the functionality, content issues or in general not delivering what was promised. Hence it is a advantageous to set some rules and formats that restrict the web site designers from going wrong [...]    Read More