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Posts: February 2015

Content writing or Copy writing

“Content is king” as the saying goes. This is a very popular phrase amongst the SEO teams and it is even more relevant these days since good quality content has been given a great deal of importance as has content marketing. In fact as far as a few SEO professionals…[...]

Digital Marketing – How Important is Twitter

Twitter is a mature social network and has been around for a while. It is now a key marketing platform and can boost marketing for consumer brands and even business to business platforms.  A simple share made on Twitter can take your post places on Twitter and reach more audiences…[...]

Optimizing Website loading time

The first impression of a websites is often a lingering one. It is vital for both the website designers as well as the business owners to be aware of this fact. At times there may be an issue with the design being hard figure out straight away. This is usually…[...]

Web Design with HTML5 – Canvas

HTML5 has been around for a while now and a great many more websites are implementing designs with HTML5. This combined with the responsive website design means a lot of changes in the new website designs to come. That said HTML5 came with many new elements and not all of…[...]

Web Design Trends – On the Time Machine

Web design has come a long way. The web design trends were noticeably different a few years ago. These trends constantly evolve and change some trends lasting longer than the others.As an example HTML has frames and always had. The websites approximately 10 years ago had frames, in fact all…[...]