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Archive for January 2015

Climbing to top of Google Ranking – A detailed guide on what SEO is all about

A website is very important for just about any kind of business these days. As more number of business realize this there are more number of websites being developed. In fact there are more number of ecommerce websites being developed as we go into the year 2015. However a website is quite similar to a new store in the sense that just like new store need to let the people know that it is out there. In the same way unless the people know about your website it is going to be hard to get any useful traffic on your website. Getting your website out there so that more number of people are [...]    Read More

Revisiting the old technique of Link Building

Link building can be said to be a combination of several skills. The aim being that you want other people to link to your website that in turns will drive traffic to your website. At the same time several search engines list their search results based on the number of links present on other websites. It some this is a measure of popularity of the website in question. Hence what link building ends up being a combination of good programming skills, sales, psychology, good quality content creation and even common marketing skills. The story so far… Link Building was really big. I said “was” [...]    Read More

Getting SEO Right – The Content factor

All of us want to get the SEO right but few stop to think what exactly SEO stands for and what is actually being done. SEO as we know stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. 2014 has been a year where many questions have been raised regarding what exactly is SEO or if SEO has finally come to an end. The reasons is quite simple and listed below. The ever changing search algorithms has changed how people used to perform traditional SEO tasks. Good quality content has increased the importance of good content writers. The increase in the weight age of good content has led many people into [...]    Read More

A few SEO techniques that you will be better without

SEO is good for the websites search engine ranking. However it is time to stop and check it the SEO techniques that you are practicing are doing more harm than good to the website. It is now common knowledge that Google made drastic changes to their search engine algorithm and several other search engines have followed suit. Thus in addition to the fact that the SEO techniques that were popular earlier are not use some of the techniques and strategies can even cause a lot of harm to the website. In fact Google has already penalize several websites for doing this including a few high [...]    Read More

How Google influences the SEO strategies

SEO is something that has been prevalent since a while; in the sense that there has been are requirement to optimize the Websites to make them more visible in the search engines since a while. There several techniques being used in order to achieve this as well. Many of these techniques were to do with how the search engines design their respective search algorithms. However it has been a while since Google started dominating in terms of search engine usage. The recent statistics published clearly show that Google as a search engine covers 90% of the search engine usage online and the [...]    Read More