Being prepared – When your websites is hacked.

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Posts: November 2014

Being prepared – When your websites is hacked.

  Websites are often infected with Malware which by means is good for business. Malware will cause for warning to appear on your website when it is loaded and at times it is also affect the SEO ranking of your website. In fact many browsers will refuse to open it…[...]

The Ultimate List of HTML5 Mobile Tips

  HTML5 has a great deal to offer to the website designers when it comes to catering to the mobile phone users. With the number of people using a mobile device to access the internet on the constant rise it is necessary for just about every web developer to advice…[...]

Getting over the hangover of old web design methods

There is a convenient development cycled followed by most web development companies which has been going on since a while now. It is something that one could say has been carried forward from the graphic design industry. The way this development cycle goes a web development company is approached by…[...]

Where does Drupal stand in the war of the CMS

  When it comes to making a CMS there are three names that come to the mind first. They are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Each of these CMS web development began in a small way and have gone ahead to become really huge. Drupal was started by a student by…[...]

WordPress – A trip down memory lane!

    WordPress was released a long time ago in 2003 when the open source platform was still evolving. Needless to say that in the past 10 odd years nothing has remained the same. There have been advances in just about every minor elements relating to web development. We have…[...]