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Archive for November 2014

Taking the PHP vs ASP .NET Battle into 2015 – what lies ahead?

When it comes to Web Development there are two options; either you decide to code in PHP or you chose ASP.NET. This is a tough choice however one either a programmer or a client chooses one they are unlikely to change their decision. However that are a few programmers I personally know that took the middle road and tried becoming a master at both. From what I have seen so far this the programming career of those who did that hasn’t worked out quite well. On the other hand I should mention that they make project managers and I speak this from personal experience. I am of course referring [...]    Read More

The PHP framework stand off

A PHP framework is what you can use if you want to start off with programming a new PHP website. It is essentially a library since it consists of several modules for various purposes. It is not necessary that you will require all the modules however you will have the ones you require available in your initial setup without having to go hunting for them. A PHP framework makes the tasks like setting up CRUD for a module a breeze. In fact it is usually on a couple of lines of code that is required and you have all of it ready. In addition to which it is easy to setup several other features [...]    Read More

A grand comparison – free ecommerce platforms

Online sales is now serious business. While it was still its initial stages prior to the year 2000, at which time very few people actually trusted the websites enough to make purchases on the Internet with their credit cards, we have seen a complete reversal consumer behaviour post the year 2000. The total sales make online has only gone one way since then, and this is up. This has been further aided by the fact that the online stores offer many more payment alternatives as compared to earlier. The market in USA has been growing at a staggering pace with many firms setting shop [...]    Read More

There is more to website re-design that meets the eye

   Redesigning your website may be a good decision and may in fact be necessary especially if your existing website was built in the stone ages. The reason being that the trends have changed and so has the technology and there are issues pertaining to security that need to be considered as well. The bottom line is that redesigning a website is a big deal and the fact that many organizations do not realise is that they often end up worse off from where they started. This is quite common while redesigning a website without conducting any analysis and having no correct method or plan. [...]    Read More

How to get Return on investment from the website

  It is important that your business has a website to go with your brick store or an office as the case may be. This is something that many have realised and are beginning to act on too. The website itself can be an informative one or a full-fledged e-commerce website and hence the cost of the website also varies. However a decent website can cost quite a bit; besides which there is also the annual fee for the domain and website space itself. Thus many businesses often hesitate when it comes to making a website for their firm. Thus the most obvious question for a business owner is [...]    Read More