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Archive for October 2014

Design Etiquette – A must for your website to succeed

If you have ever seen a designer at work you will know the reason behind those endless layers in their Photoshop layout (file) as well as their overstuffed image folders. A developer’s desktop is no different. After all the websites being developed today are no longer a simple HTML page with content on it. A website is the now closer to the company and in a way speaks a lot about the company or organization itself. Thus it should come as little surprise that just of the many features on the site there are probably another 12 j Query plug-in files that are loaded. In all this [...]    Read More

Getting the navigation of your website right

If you are a designer you will know that the navigation of your website is one of the most important elements of the design. If the user can navigate through your website with ease then half your problems are over. One other thing to take care of is that the visitor finds the navigation with ease. This is commonly not an issue, however many websites have some fancy theme and design a fancy navigation too. Although the navigation is perfectly fitting the theme, at times it does not serve the purpose if the visitor cannot find it at the first glance. For most of the websites navigation is [...]    Read More