SEO Myths Buster of 2014

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Posts: October 2014

SEO Myths Buster of 2014

If there is one thing that is constant about SEO then it is change. The search engines tend to change their search algorithms quite often and that directly affects the process of SEO. Thus when search engines make changes then some SEO techniques are no longer effective and it is…[...]

The Complete Solution For Website Redesign Process

Website Redesign is not an easy task but at times it becomes necessary. There are several reasons to redesign a website. Here are some of the reasons listed: Their website was developed a long time ago and they need a more modern look with good functionality The software they used…[...]

Getting Web Designing Right – Responsive vs. Adaptive

In the recent years there has been a tectonic shift in the behaviour of the users. Thus it should come as no surprise to read that 30 % to 50 % of the website traffic is now generated by mobile devices. You may have come across the term 'post-PC world'…[...]

PHP Web Development for Online Business

The entire basis of an online business depends on their online presence. It is vital that they possess a good quality e-commerce website in order for them to be competitive in any form. The main objective of any online business is to make sure that their website is attractive enough…[...]

Top 5 facts to do with SEO trending in 2014

When it comes to conventional marketing they change every year and there many factors that cause this change. The deal with online marketing for search engine optimizations quite similar. There are a different set of trends that can be popular one year but nonexistent the next. The traditional SEO strategies…[...]