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Archive for September 2014

Maintenance of a Website

It has been widely accepted among the corporate world that it is essential to have a web presence. Hence most of the companies do have some kind of a web site. This may just be a one page website to serve the purpose of having a web presence or a full-fledged website with all the bells and whistles and then there may be some still getting there. Either way at some point in time you will have the need to make changes to the website. Your company’s outlook may have changed, may be a few products have been dropped and a few added, or it may even be the marketing strategy that has changed. In [...]    Read More

List of simple design mistakes to avoid

The number of website being build day in and day out  are on the rise. Although it is necessary to have a smashing design supported with great functionality it is also essential to have a website that is free of the common mistakes that the website designers tend to make. The visitors may overlook the design as far as the website is functional but they are not too kind on websites design that make some of the most common and basic mistakes. Here is a list of some of the common mistakes the web designer’s make: Accessibility:  Accessibility of the website is of utmost importance. The [...]    Read More

Why should create a Mobile Friendly Website

A website is deemed essential for a business of almost any kind these days. But is it enough to be available to the visitors that are using a computer or a laptop to access the internet. The answer as you may have guessed is “no”. The times have changed drastically since the advent of the mobile phone. There are many mobile devices available in the market with varying price range and affordability than can be used to access the Internet. As per the consumer statistics the smart phone market is developing at a much faster pace as compared to the PC market which was not the case [...]    Read More