Maintenance of a Website

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Posts: September 2014

Maintenance of a Website

It has been widely accepted among the corporate world that it is essential to have a web presence. Hence most of the companies do have some kind of a web site. This may just be a one page website to serve the purpose of having a web presence or a…[...]

List of simple design mistakes to avoid

The number of website being build day in and day out  are on the rise. Although it is necessary to have a smashing design supported with great functionality it is also essential to have a website that is free of the common mistakes that the website designers tend to make.…[...]

Why should create a Mobile Friendly Website

A website is deemed essential for a business of almost any kind these days. But is it enough to be available to the visitors that are using a computer or a laptop to access the internet. The answer as you may have guessed is "no". The times have changed drastically…[...]