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Archive for August 2014

List of handy tips to hire a web developer

So you need the services of a Web Developer. You have made the right decision of either taking your business online or updating your website. Either way, both are equally important. Though some of us thing we can do it all and Web Development is a walk in the park, think again. Web Development requires some serious programming skills, knowledge of software and concepts as well as some a dash of creativity. Hence the second right decision that you should make is too hire a developer. Once again this may seem like a simple and mundane task that just about any one amongst your staff or [...]    Read More

Making Hiring a Web Designer a breeze

The task of designing a website is not an easy one. A web designer has many factors to take into consideration while making a website like the current trends, the visitor preferences, several different platforms and above all the requirements and choices of the client himself. That said, some web designers get it right and many get it horribly wrong. So why do web designers go wrong? There are many why that may happen. Thus to be on the safe side it is a good idea to have a set number of requirements clear in your mind and then select only that web designer that meets those requirements. [...]    Read More

Hire iPhone App Developer

Alakmalak has had to good fortune of working on more than 100 iPhone projects to date. They have extensive experience in the field of iPhone application development which they use to make sure their clients are satisfied. It is their team of iPhone app developers that is highly skilled and additionally keep themselves updated with the current changes in the world of iPhone app programming. In general if you were to hire iPhone app developer from India there are often many doubts in the minds of the clients as to whether they will understand me or do they have the appropriate skill level. [...]    Read More

Creating a simple module in Magento

Magento is arguably one of the most popular open source ecommerce software around today. Magento comes in three different flavors: Magento Go: This is the version that is targeted at small businesses Magento Enterprise Edition: This version is targeted at small to medium businesses. Magento: This version of Magento is free to download and is used by many web development firms to create a  e-commerce solution for their clients. Magento is a very versatile platform with the basic installation providing loads of useful features. One of the main reasons that Magento has grown so popular is [...]    Read More

Introduction to Bonfire

Bonfire is essentially a framework for you to build your web applications; the difference being that Bonfire is build on top of CodeIgnitor. CodeIgnitor for those who don’t know, is a PHP framework by itself. CodeIgnitor happens to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks around as per the recent statistics released on the Internet. It is also one of the best PHP frameworks according the several comparisons made on the internet. There are many CMS available and a framework is often confused to being nothing more than a CMS. But that is not the case. A PHP Framework and a CMS are [...]    Read More