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Archive for June 2014

Replacing the default blog page with a custom page in WordPress

WordPress is a very popular open source software that is often used for many different purposes. It can be used to make many different kinds of websites. For example you can make a simple blog if you wish, or you can make a content management system, or an eCommerce website. WordPress is available as free download and thus many people make the most of and develop their own website. WordPress has a very user friendly interface thus it is easy to use for most people. Adding a ready-made template or even adding plugins for added functionality is no rocket science either. On the other hand if [...]    Read More

What is website development pricing?

How much does the website development cost based on your requirements? This is one of the most common questions of firms interested in developing their own website (for their business). The requirements tend to vary from business to business and so does the cost. In fact the cost for the same website may be different at different web developing firms. This is something that one comes to expect since not all will charge the same. But the astounding fact is that there is often a massive price difference with between each quote that the business usually receives. There are many reasons that [...]    Read More

Top 10 Tips for better website design

10 Tips for better website design It is important to gain the trust of the website visitors and users via a good website design. The users tend to make a quick decision of the interface based on its appearance and that plays a crucial role in on their overall view of the website. It is easy to gain the trust of a visitor by designing a good interface but it is just as easy to lose it. A badly designed interface can taint trust forever. Image Courtesy: There were several studies carried out in the U.K. based on which it was found that about 15% of the users accepted the truthfulness of the content found on [...]    Read More