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Archive for May 2014

The Case of the Mysterious Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

WordPress is a very versatile software developed as an open source solution. It is available as a free download and thus any one can install and use it to make their respective website. There are many different kinds of websites possible with WordPress. From the simple Blog, to a fully featured content management system to a state of the art ecommerce website, there are no limits as to what you can create with WordPress. You may be surprised to learn that many magazines and tabloids use WordPress to make their websites. And that’s not all, some of the popular social networking [...]    Read More

Dealing with the sidebar in WordPress

The sidebar is a very handy section of the WordPress website. It can be configured to be displayed either on the left or right side of your main content. It is usually set from the Widget menu option of the admin menu Appearance. You will have a long list of options that you can drag and set on to the sidebar. The default elements include recent posts, a search bar, categories list as well as other meta information. This can be quickly removed by dragging it off the sidebar in question. In addition to the left and right sidebar there is also the header and footer sidebar. In WordPress the [...]    Read More

Changing the database table prefix in the SQL file for WordPress

WordPress is a very versatile software that can be downloaded for free by just about anyone. It is an open source software and has grown in popularity lately. The reason behind this is it simple and easy interface and overall ease of usability. WordPress has a great many features that can be used to make several different kinds of websites. In addition to that you have the option of installing plugins to your WordPress website. These plugins fulfill all the requirements that are not present on the default installation of WordPress. In fact you use WordPress to make either a blog, a [...]    Read More

Moving Your WordPress Website From a Sub Directory To The Root Directory

You can move your website from the sub directory to the root directory of your web server by following the steps below: To start with login to the admin section of your WordPress website and navigate from the admin menu Settings >> General. Here is the setting for the URL of you website which needs to be modified as per your requirements. This should include your new path as well. Now connect to your server via FTP or the control panel and move all your files to the new folder (path). Now load the website in the new browser and check to make sure it is working fine. The steps [...]    Read More