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Archive for April 2014

Creating a Contact Form in WordPress

WordPress does not have a contact form option by default. Although it is very easy to use a plugin in order to make a contact form for your website. There are several different plugins available to do the job. Contact Form 7 is one such plugin that is available to freely download and install. Installing: In order to set it up you need to go to the admin section of your WordPress website first. Go to the Plugin section and select ‘Add New’. You can also search for the Contact Form 7 plugin from the search field. On the other at times the Contact Form 7 plugin is already [...]    Read More

Guide to the export tool in WordPress

WordPress is a highly versatile software. It is a blogging software but it is much more than that. It is a software that is free to download and install by anyone. You can use it for enumerable different applications as well. For example it can used as a blog, a content management system, an ecommerce website and there are just a few examples. Whatever the kind of website you may have there is often a time when you need to either shift your data to may be a new WordPress website or require to duplicate your data, even need to take a backup of all your website content for some reason. At [...]    Read More

A guide to the WordPress import tool

WordPress is an open source software with many different applications. It is free to download from its website online thus allowing just about anyone to setup a WordPress website. Though not everyone is IT savvy and hence may need to take the help of professional WordPress Web Developers. Alakmalak is one such WordPress web development company that offers many different services and is capable of helping you with your WordPress issues however big or small they may be. At times after you have finally developed a WordPress website it is often because you already have a well established blog [...]    Read More

The guide to WordPress date formats

The date format is a very sensitive topic since just about everybody likes a unique style when it comes dates. WordPress has got it right with the date format as well as it has with everything else. It is possible to set the date format from the several options available in the admin section and it is even possible to set your own date format as will be explained here. To select from one of the basic formats you simply need to go to the WordPress admin section and then select the menu option Settings -> General. Here you will find several default date options and a custom option as [...]    Read More

Managing comments feature in WordPress

WordPress is an open source software that is available to as a free download from their website. Anyone can download it and install it on their own server or local server. It has several applications like a blog, content management system, a social networking website or even an ecommerce website. There are many websites that encourage human interaction. For example a blog website will have posts by several people may encourage comments from the readers as to the quality of the article, or clarifications or even to express their views on the article. Similarly in a social networking [...]    Read More