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Archive for March 2014

Creating cross – Article links in Joomla

How to add internal article links in Joomla? Cross articles are those which contains links to other articles. It is possible to add cross – articles links to your Joomla article by simply following the procedure mentioned below: Begin by first loading the administrative panel of your Joomla website. Once logged in you need to navigate from the Admin menu to Content >> Article Manager. Now select any article from the list of articles present before you. This is the article you will use make modifications (links). Open the article that you have selected. You will notice a button [...]    Read More

Managing the Submenu width in Joomla

Joomla is one software that can be customized and implemented in many different ways. It can be implemented as a blog, a content management system, an ecommerce website, a magazine or even a newspaper to name a few type of websites. With such a broad range of implementations possible it is obvious that the Joomla in its default form (that comes with the default installation files) or layout is quite simple. There are many possible ways in which you can implement this default template however, it does have its limitations. For example if you want to set up a social networking website of [...]    Read More

An overview of the configuration of multi language sites in Joomla

Overview of configuration multilanguage site in joomla. How to configure multi language site in joomla? Here is a quick overview of the configuration of a multi language site, Here mainly Joomla 3 is targeted: To start with you will need to login to the admin panel of your Joomla website. Once you are logged in navigate to the admin menu Extensions >> Extension Manager. Select the install languages option. Now you can either search using the search tool provided or select from the list displayed. In order to search, enter the name of the language in the field provided and hit the [...]    Read More

Using search engine friendly URLS in Joomla

If you ever noticed the URL of the pages of your Joomla website you would have noticed that is very long and complicated; besides which it does not make sense and is impossible to remember. You can change this to better URLs, ones that you can remember, also called Search Engine Friendly URLs. Simply follow the steps mentioned below for search engine friendly URLS in Joomla:     To start with login to the admin panel of your Joomla website. Navigate to the Global Configuration from the admin menu like Site Menu >> Global Configuration. You will see a page will load with [...]    Read More

Moving a Joomla website from one domain to another

Joomla is a very versatile software. It is an open source software which is free to download and install. Joomla has many different implementations; it can be used as a blog, a content management system, or even an ecommerce website. Whatever the case may be you have the option of either selecting an existing template or select an readymade template from the internet. However if you are the kind who wishes to add their own ideas and have a custom design on their website then you may need to hire a professional Joomla Web developer for the job. Alakmalak is one such Joomla Web development [...]    Read More