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Archive for February 2014

How to replace the default blog page with a custom page in wordPress?

WordPress is a very popular open source software that is often used for many different purposes. It can be used to make many different kinds of websites. For example you can make a simple blog if you wish, or you can make a content management system, or an ecommerce website. WordPress is available as free download and thus many people make the most of and develop their own website. WordPress has a very user friendly interface thus it is easy to use for most people. Adding a readymade template or even adding plugins for added functionality is no rocket science either. On the other hand if [...]    Read More

How to customize blog layout in WordPress?

WordPress is a very versatile open source software. It can be downloaded and installed by just about anyone. That is the easy part as is setting up the website yourself. It is even possible to install a new template by simply purchasing it online if you are one of the people that like ready made templates. When it comes to customizations the going gets tough. In spite of that this article describes how to make changes to the blog layout; by letting you know which portion of the code you need to modify. But sometimes this is not enough and your requirements are pretty high that you require [...]    Read More

How to add widgets to wordpress website?

WordPress is a versatile open source software which can be used to make many different kinds of websites. Some of the popular implementations of WordPress include a blog, a content management system and even a ecommerce website. WordPress is easy to use if your want to set it up yourself.   There are ready made templates available and even extra plugins available that can be downloaded and installed onto your system with ease. There are even several special articles like this one that explain how to do the tough stuff by simply following the instructions provided. In this article we [...]    Read More

How to manage access level in Joomla?

Joomla is an open source software available as a free download from the internet. It is possible for just about anyone with a little knowledge of computers or an IT Savvy person to download the files and install them on to their own server. Joomla has provided as a very good user interface: What follows is the configuration and setting up of the website. For this Joomla has provided as a very good user interface making it as simple as possible for users with little or no computer experience. Once you have set up your website you can create as many pages as you require. Some website [...]    Read More

Toggling the document icons on your Joomla articles

Joomla is a versatile software which is available a free download. It is an open source software that can be used as a content management system. It can also be used as a blog and many implement it as their ecommerce solution as well. Joomla is fairly easy to download and install by most. It is has a very user friendly installation procedure which most of the web servers will support. Joomla is available with the option of several different templates , however if you prefer to have a different template then the ones installed then you can do so by simply opting for a ready made template [...]    Read More