How to configure Captcha In Joomla3.x.?

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Posts: February 2014

How to configure Captcha In Joomla3.x.?

So you made your website and now have the much required contact or feedback form on your website for the visitors to contact you. This is a good thing since every website should have a feedback form of some kind. But what is also required is the correct level of…[...]

How to Change Joomla Website Database Prefix?

Joomla is a highly versatile software which is open source. It is available as a free download for just about anyone to download and install. One of the main reasons it has become very popular is that fact that is very user friendly and has a low learning curve. But…[...]

How to Manage Search Option in Joomla Website?

Require search options: No matter what kind of website you are making or need to develop it is necessary to have a search option. For example your website may be a content management system, or a simply blog or even an ecommerce website. All the mentioned types of websites require…[...]

How to Manage User Permissions In Joomla?

[caption id="attachment_2092" align="aligncenter" width="530"] Managing user permissions in Joomla[/caption] The user permissions which are quite important for just about any website with user accounts can be managed in a very good method in Joomla. In fact no content management system should be without it. With Joomla it is possible to…[...]

How Advanced Layout Techniques For Web Design Works?

It is one thing to decide to go for a responsive web design and a completely other thing to actually successfully achieve that in reality. It is almost always the case that tools and method you start out with are not good enough to convert the entire website into a…[...]