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Archive for January 2014

Why do i need a website?

1. Are you thinking about your own website? 2. You have a question in your mind why you need a website? 3. Which types of things you have to know before make your own website? Don’t get confused, this article gives you all details about it step by step. You most definitely need a website and if you are one of those people who is thinking otherwise then this article is specially for you. To start we need to ask you as to why you need an office or a new outlet in the first place? You may say that it is required in order to expand the business. To that we would say that the mindset of [...]    Read More

Customising The Footer In WordPress

While designing a website the entire page matters. That includes the content that is placed on all the places from the header till the footer. The header of the website is usually designed very carefully by making used of a fancy logo and good placement of the navigational menu. The body of the website contains the content which is also taken care of quite well. Now remains the footer. The least about of time is usually spent on the footer. But you may be surprised to know that the footer is also equally important. It is possible to modify the footer in WordPress in the following manner. [...]    Read More

Using the media library in WordPress

This Article gives you information about below subjects: 1. Media library in wordpress not working 2. Manage media library in wordpress 3. Organize media library in wordpress WordPress is a very versatile open source content management and blogging software. It is extremely feature rich software and what lacks in the basic functionality is made up by the use of plugins. The basic features of WordPress include many good options. There is always a need to use media files in a content management system and even in a blog since you often need to attach media files like images or videos to [...]    Read More

How to Add Post Password Protection in WordPress Site?

WordPress is a popular blogger software as well as a content management solution. It has many different applications due to its versatility, including a simple blog, a feature rich CMS, an informational site with a gallery or event list, even a shopping cart that accepts payment. The list is endless but you get the message. There are innumerable possibilities. One less known and used feature is the ability to password protect individual ‘posts’. This is very useful if you have a website where some pages can be accessed only on the payment of full membership or subscription for [...]    Read More

Create a RSS Feed for your Blog in WordPress

WordPress is a very popular blogging software. In addition to which it is also a content management solution. There are innumerable possibilities with a WordPress website. You can make a shopping cart, a simple blog or even a big content management system or even a photo gallery. The list of possibilities are endless in fact. Image Courtesy : Building a website is one thing and making the people aware of your website is another and to keep the visitors coming back is even tougher. There are several factors that ensure this and RSS Feed is one of them. RSS is a method in [...]    Read More