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Posts: January 2014

Do You Really Need a Website?

1. Are you thinking about your own website? 2. You have a question in your mind why you need a website? 3. Which types of things you have to know before make your own website? Don't get confused, this article gives you all details about it step by step. You…[...]

How to Customize Footer In WordPress?

While designing a website the entire page matters. That includes the content that is placed on all the places from the header till the footer. The header of the website is usually designed very carefully by making used of a fancy logo and good placement of the navigational menu. The…[...]

How to Work With The Media Library In WordPress?

This Article gives you information about below subjects: 1. Media library in wordpress not working 2. Manage media library in wordpress 3. Organize media library in wordpress WordPress is a very versatile open source content management and blogging software. It is extremely feature rich software and what lacks in the…[...]

How to Add Post Password Protection in WordPress Site?

WordPress is a popular blogger software as well as a content management solution. It has many different applications due to its versatility, including a simple blog, a feature rich CMS, an informational site with a gallery or event list, even a shopping cart that accepts payment. The list is endless…[...]

How to Add RSS Feed to Your WordPress Blog?

WordPress is a very popular blogging software. In addition to which it is also a content management solution. There are innumerable possibilities with a WordPress website. You can make a shopping cart, a simple blog or even a big content management system or even a photo gallery. The list of…[...]