How to Work With New Features and Special Blocks in ZenCart?

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Posts: December 2013

How to Work With New Features and Special Blocks in ZenCart?

Zen Cart is a very popular open source software. It has been the chosen ecommerce solution since a very long time indeed. It is simple to use and is user friendly hence even a novice can work his way around Zen Cart and setup a shopping cart. However it is…[...]

The Ultimate Features of HTML5

With the introduction of HTML5 many things have changed. The way we used to do things in HTML5 has changed as well as many new features have been introduced. Below is a list of some of the top features. New Doctype: What better place to start of this article about…[...]

Setting the Number of Columns to Display in Category Listing

Magento is freely available e commerce software that has become very popular, very fast. E-commerce software is the buzzword now it is possible to find many different ecommerce software on the Internet. However Magento is one of the chosen ones; a great number of people wishing to have their online…[...]

Vital Role to Getting Responsive Content for Web Design

Content strategy matters more than the overall design of the website at times. It often happens that the designer makes a very fancy layout but the content and images are not placed properly or highlighted. This can result in the biggest downfall for the website. Many websites these days implement…[...]

Edit the Zencart Slider Images in the Coin Slider

Zen Cart is an open source, e-commerce software. Zen Cart is free to download and setup by any one. It is also possible to change the layout of the website with the help of a template. By simply installing a template the entire theme of the website changes without writing…[...]