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Archive for November 2013

Installing a template via the theme installer in PrestaShop

PrestaShop in a fairly recent e-commerce software available to download from their website. By fairly recent, I mean it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others have been like OSCommerce and Zen cart. PrestaShop exceeds all expectations as far as quality and usability is concerned. It has many in-built modules and hence it is not necessary to hire a PrestaShop developer for the basic things unlike in many of the other ecommerce software. PrestaShop has another good feature where you can add new modules if the ones you need are missing. However any customization that you require [...]    Read More

Managing Static Blocks in Magento

Magento is ecommerce software that can be used to make a shopping cart. It is quite common to want your own design for a Magento shopping cart website. The process of making a new Magento website design though simple may require some graphics as well as programming knowledge and hence if you are totally new to this you may need to hire a Magento Web Developer to do the job. Magento also has the ability to install additional modules besides the many ones already installed. If in case you do want to install a new module it can be done so by getting the key from your normal browse and [...]    Read More

Install PrestaShop 1.5.6 Engine

PrestaShop is open source ecommerce software that is free to download and use. It was released fairly recently compared to the other ecommerce software around. In spite of that it has risen to popularity very quickly and is preferred by companies of many different sizes, small, medium and large. PrestaShop has in fact won the award for being the best open source business CMS for two consecutive years, which is truly a very good achievement. PrestaShop is known for the very good user interface that it provides making it easier for the novice user to quickly learn and figure out the several [...]    Read More

Editing the Slider in Magento

Magento is ecommerce software. The community edition is available to download freely while the other two versions come at a cost. It is very versatile software and highly recommended too. Magento has been around for a comparatively short time. It has managed to grab a good share of the shopping carts market and even today more and more people lay their trust in Magento while making their ecommerce solution online. There are many factors as to why it is so popular one of them being that Magento has many built in features as compared to the other ecommerce solutions. And in addition to [...]    Read More

Essentials Ecommerce Success Factors

Here is a list of factors essential for the success of any ecommerce venture: Spending on Web design: It is necessary to put things into perspective as far as the priority or importance goes. Spending days and nights fretting over how the design looks will surely make sure that you up with the perfect design but will make sure that you can deliver the goods and have your supply chain ready on time a well? It is always nice to have the perfect website, where every pixel is in place; but you will also need to devote time to other important tasks around the place thus prioritizing your time [...]    Read More