Why Magento is Best For E-Commerce Platform?

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Posts: October 2013

Why Magento is Best For E-Commerce Platform?

The importance of Social Media in ecommerce websites cannot be stressed enough. Many online stores realize this and try to include social media in every way possible to their online stores. But it is important to make note of the fact that social media may not have a direct impact…[...]

Build a Chat Application With Silex Using PHP

This article is all about building a chat application using Silex; though it is more than just building a chat application. The aim of the article is to familiarize you with Silex. Thus in case you have not come across Silex prior to this, Silex is a PHP micro-framework which…[...]

How to Reinstall Magento Engine Without Re-Uploading the Files?

Magento is ecommerce software that is available for free download for their website. There are three versions of Magento available and only one of them is free. The three versions are the community edition, Enterprise Edition and Magento Go. Magento is highly versatile software and has become popular in a…[...]

How to Edit Order Confirmation And Registration Email in PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce software that can be freely downloaded and customized. Although any customization would require help from a PrestaShop developer there are several minor tasks like changing of the email template for one that can be performed with you any professional help. You simply need to…[...]

How To Make the Best Ecommerce Website Design For Magento?

Summary: Magento can be used to make your shopping cart online since it is an ecommerce software. However it is more often than not that the client requires customizing the basic theme and changing it to something very different and something that he desires. The procedure required to do so…[...]