Picking Magento for Your Next E-Commerce Website

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Posts: September 2013

Picking Magento for Your Next E-Commerce Website

Magento is an open source ecommerce software that is available to freely download from their website. It is available in three different versions of which only one is free. Magento Community edition is free while the other two are not. Magento Go is targeted at small businesses and Magento Enterprise…[...]

How to Edit Product Prices Through the External .CSV File?

Magento is an e-commerce software that is available in three different versions. They are Magento Go, Magento Enterprise Edition and magento community edition. Of these three only the Magento Community edition is available for a free download while the other two come at a cost. Magento Admin PanelThe Magento Community…[...]

Essentials Elements of an E-Commerce Website Before Design

There are many special requirements as far as e-Commerce website design is concerned and not every designer gets it right. Depending on the platform chosen for example if Zen Cart or Magento is chosen then the design of the e-Commerce website needs to be aimed at that open source and…[...]

How to Change Store Base URL?

Magento is an ecommerce software that is available to free download from their website. Magento is unlike other open source e commerce softwares that are free to download though. Magento is available in three different variants of which only one of them is free and that is the community edition.…[...]

Zen Cart Configuration – What is It All About

Having opted for Zen Cart as your preferred open source solution for the new e-commerce website of yours you begin selecting the appropriate template or layout for the website. There are plenty of generic free templates available on the Internet which you can simply download and follow the simple instruction…[...]