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Archive for August 2013

Resetting the Presta Shop Admin panel password

Presta Shop in a fairly recent e-commerce software available to download from their website. By fairly recent I mean it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others have been like OSCommerce and Zencart. One may even expect Presta Shop to have learned from the mistakes that the other open source e-commerce softwares made. Presta Shop meets all expectations as far as quality and usability is concerned. It has many inbuilt modules and hence it is not necessary to hire a Presta Shop developer for the basic things unlike in many of the other e-commerce softwares. Though any customization [...]    Read More

Currency Management in Presta Shop

Presta shop is a ecommerce solution designed in France in 2007. It has come a long way since then. It has now released version which includes many good features that could very well be the envy of many other e-commerce softwares. It is an open source software that ships with a plethora of features to keep you satisfied for a while. Presta Shop is a popular e-commerce solution and there are many Presta Shop web designers available to make customised template as per your need and requirements. It offers a very user friendly interface and thus it is possible for you to configure most [...]    Read More

Changing the admin panel language in Presta Shop

Presta Shop is an e-commerce solution which is open source and free to download and install. It is easy to install and set-up shop with the tutorial that is available as well as the detailed instruction that are provided. However there is more to Presta Shop that just the basic installation and usage. Presta Shop offers several additional modules that can be downloaded and installed on your shopping cart to supplement the functionality of the e-commerce website. In addition to which several levels of customizations are also possible on the Presta Shop. For example if you have a custom [...]    Read More

Footer Links And Copyright Notification

Presta Shop is a free open source ecommerce platform to develop an ecommerce website. It has come a long way since it released in 2007. It is free to use and modify as well hence it is possible to customize the Presta Shop and even distribute it. Presta Shop is one shopping cart or e-commerce software that has almost everything. It has a lot of features that will leave you awe inspired. There are several e-commerce softwares around and most include only the basic e-commerce platform in their installation. But that is not the case with Presta Shop, Presta Shop is different, it not only [...]    Read More

Customizing WordPress Admin

WordPress has become an invaluable asset to the website developers in India and in almost in all parts of the world. WordPress is more than just a blogging tool now. It is a full fledged CMS and besides that it is also possible to set-up an eCommerce store, a magazine website, a product information site and a lot more using WordPress. Web development servicesIt is common knowledge that WordPress gives us the ability to customize the theme used so that you can have the option of customizing the website look and feel. However a lot of importance is given to the how the front end ( the user [...]    Read More