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Archive for August 2013

Set up a Newsletter in Magento

Magento is an e-commerce software and is also an open source software. It has become quite popular in recent times due to the innumerable amount of features that it offers. Besides which there are also several extensions available to add to that. Of the many feature that Magento offers the Newsletter is one of them. To make sure you can offer this service on your website you need to make sure it is enabled by going to the admin menu System –> Configuration –> Advanced –> Disabled Modules Output and set Mage_Newsletter to ‘enable’. Manage NewsletterIn [...]    Read More

Product Relation in Magento

Alakmalak Magento is a very popular open source ecommerce software solution. It is highly versatile and has been widely accepted by many. It is a very powerful and fast growing software. Magento is very flexible due to its modular architecture. Any Magento website is easily scalable. Like any other e-commerce site it offers an intuitive category module which allows you to enter the new products. Besides being able to enter new products it also has many other option on this page. It is possible to integrate Magento to your Google Analytics account. This generally is good for the website and [...]    Read More

How to change the store title

Alakmalak Magento is an open source ecommerce software that has been around for awhile. It is based on the Zend Framework. It has been adopted by many companies ranging from small to big as their preferred e-commerce solution. It utilizes its own model – view – controller (MVC) model. Magento has many distinguishing features as well. Magento like any other website can be optimised for the search engine. It is however general practice for the page or the store to have a title . This is not necessarily from the SEO perspective but it is something that makes the site look more meaningful. It is [...]    Read More

Managing Taxes with Presta Shop

Alakmalak Presta Shop is an Open Source ecommerce software which is free available to download from their website. It was recently released but has become very popular in recent times. There are now many Presta Shop developers that offer Presta Shop development services. The fact is that it is now used by a great many e-commerce shops online and considering that there are many e-commerce solutions out there like Zen Cart, OSCommerce and Magento, that is quite an achievement. Manage Presta TaxesPresta Shop is quite user friendly as well as will be demonstrated when we discover how to manage the [...]    Read More

Setting up multiple store in Magento

Magento is a quick and easy ecommerce software. It is open source and thus is free to download and customize to suit the individual requirements of any company. There are many e-commerce softwares available and there are even more options in recent times. Almost all of them offer a great many features but those are usually additional features. As for Magento, it offers a great many feature and they are all in-built. Besides this Magento also offers a great number of additional features too. Once such built-in feature of Magento is the Multi-Store feature. The Multi-Store Magento can be [...]    Read More