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Archive for July 2013

Responsive Websites

We witnessed a sudden growth in the mobile market just around the time the iPhone was released in 2007. There has been a gradual improvement in mobile technology since then and there has been no looking back. In fact it is similar to the gradual improvement in technology of the computer during the 80s. But then again the mobile these days are getting better and better and you might we forgiven for mistaking a phone as mobile computer. This is because there is little that the small little mobile can’t do. Which in fact is getting bigger and more powerful each year. The result has been [...]    Read More

Testing Responsive Design On Mobile Devices

Adobe Edge is a web development tool developed by Adobe Systems that can enhance the capabilities of its other applications, for example it can enhance the features of Dreamweaver. Adobe has several such tools like Adobe Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Edge Code and the one of interest to us is Edge Inspect. Adobe Edge Inspect is a very popular tool but in case you are unaware of it, the fact that it was previously known as Adobe Shadow may ring a bell. It was developed as a quick way of previewing a web design on a mobile device with out actually publishing the associated files to a server. [...]    Read More

Know your web designer before you select

It is common knowledge that you need to set your requirements prior to contacting a web designer to make your web site. You also need to make sure that you have a the scope of the project all laid out as well as the content required. It is a good idea to gather the content prior to approaching the web designer thus saving you valuable development time. Besides which you also need to make sure there is a good testing and maintenance planned for the web site after completion. This is the least one expects you to do prior to actually selecting your web designer. But you can go the extra mile [...]    Read More

How to Raise Your iPhone Application Ranking in Apple Application Store?

I-Phone application development is getting increasingly popular these days.The iPhone application development companies in India and other place as well are having to recruit more iPhone App developers to cope with the rise in demand. This means there are a lot of iPhone application out there and they are only going to increase. These are all available on the Apple Application Store for all to download and install and there are many different kind of applications like productivity apps, games, multimedia apps etc. The Apple Application Store has one of the highest number of applications [...]    Read More

What Are Web Development Services?

There is a thin fine line between web development and web design. The line is often blurred and generally on is used for the other and visa versa. So what are web development services? Web development is to so with the making of a web site. It involves the design, creating and developing and even optimizing of web sites from the web site developer’s perspective. I specify web site developer’s perspective because design does not mean making the layout of the web site. It is more to do with the design of the dynamic software. For example in case of a custom web site the system will first [...]    Read More