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Archive for June 2013

Web Development Services in India

Web development in India has become very popular and this popularity has crossed the seas too. Web development in India is popular in several other countries like USA, UK and other European countries. The Web Development companies offer a wide range of professional and feature rich web sites and thus have started to attract off shore businesses. Asia in general is considered a good IT hub which keeps abreast with the latest technology and provides customers with very good quality Web sites as per the requirements. And in Asia it is India that has gained quite a good reputation as an being [...]    Read More

History of Website Design

Website design has seen a lot of changes over the years from what used to be sites with little or no graphics and images to sites which are now media rich and full of great features. The sites earlier had fewer images and graphics and this was due to the slow speed of the Internet. The introduction of the mosaic browser changed things for ever. There had been no integrated approach to media like graphics and sound till then. This period also saw the browser wars and development of Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, and Dynamic HTML. Microsoft later released the first browser that [...]    Read More

Mobile Application Development – Choosing the OS

So now that you have choose to make a mobile application and have the perfect idea for an application all that requires to be done is to develop it. But there is one more step prior to commencing the mobile application development and is selecting the OS right for your application. This essentially means selecting the platform or device for most part. Choosing the right OS or device largely depends on the type of mobile application being built. In most cases the mobile application development company in India or else where can guide you while making the decision though this article can [...]    Read More

Things to avoid in Web Design

Web design is a one of the most important element of your website. It is not the only factor contributing to the success of your website however it is the Web Site layout or website design that is first viewed by the visitors. And as the saying goes first impression counts. Thus get your website design right and you are half way there. This is true for website design in India or just about any where. A little care taken during the web design process can go along way. But things often go wrong and it often happens that the site either fails or is not very popular. There are some common [...]    Read More

Consistency In Web Design

It is safe to say that ‘it pays to be consistent’ as far as website designing in India or almost any where is concerned. Consistancy is one of the chief factors that many businesses prefer a ready made template instead of getting a custom template built, event if it means that they have to sacrifice their own ideas and settle for what is available. The ready made templates are usually theme based and the same theme is followed consistently throughout the site. For example if it a business site theme you will notice that site has appropriate images, colour, fonts and layout [...]    Read More