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Archive for April 2013

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Developer for Your Website

Web development People these days spend a great deal of time on the Internet be it for research on a project, obtain information about a product, seeking entertainment or any general information, and shopping too. All these people are sure to confess that online Internet advertising is now a big thing since almost all site will either be advertising cheap product to buy or another advertising a new movie. Thus it is pretty obvious that in order to remain competitive a good website is a must. The common question would then be how do go about doing it and though doing it yourself or cheaply is possible the [...]    Read More

Responsive Website Design Ideal Browsing Experience

Responsive Website Design Responsive web design is a web design approach for designing sites to provide an ideal browsing experience; easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. In simple terms, a responsive web design uses ‘media queries’ to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. The number of devices, platforms and browsers that the designer needs to check a website on is ever on the increase and designers are getting to the point where [...]    Read More

Content for Problems with Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design uses ‘media queries’ to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on so that a common Website can be used for all platforms be it Desktop or any other mobile device. But like every thing else responsive web design has it’s set of problems too. To start with it is very hard for the Web Developers (in India) to explain ‘Responsive Web Design’ to their clients. The old process was a linear one with properly defined stages while the Responsive Web Design is a different ball game all together. The other set of problems [...]    Read More

Top 10 Things to consider before you start with a new web design

One always wants his company/product website to be best, user friendly and with the latest trends, so to begin with such professional website, Here are top 10 things which require your attention and research. 1)Check for your company / product domain name I think this should be your first step, to have your website URL.According to your business if commercial then .com extension would be the first priority otherwise if you are running Non-profit organization then you can go with .org extension.There are some other extensions like your country extensions and some other too, so you should [...]    Read More